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According to the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Protection", jewelry is not subject to return or exchange, so we do not use cash on delivery.

Jewelry care instructions

In order for your jewelry to keep its attractive appearance for a long time, you need to follow some strict rules that will help protect jewelry from scratches and other defects.

Adverse effects of the environment

1. Jewelry should not be worn during household chores (washing, washing dishes, cooking), as well as when visiting the gym, shower, pool, etc.
2. Protect the jewelry from mechanical contact, otherwise the metal part of the decoration may be deformed and the stones may be damaged.
3. Avoid contact of jewelry with cosmetics (creams, lotions, ointments containing mercury and its compounds, as well as perfumes, etc.). At interaction of these means with jewelry change of color of metal and damage of a surface of a product is possible.
4. Do not allow the jewelry to come into contact with alkaline agents - which contain such substances (chlorine, iodine, sulfur…), with solvents (varnish remover, stain remover…), they can leave a mark on the jewelry.
5. Influence of open fire, high temperatures (sauna, solarium…)
6. Influence of abrasives and metals (brushes, household cleaning products: soda, tooth powder)


1. Jewelry should be stored in separate cases in a dry place. Necklaces and chains are best stored separately to avoid creases.
2. Do not allow jewelry to come into contact with each other, they may scratch.


1. The most convenient and safest way to care for jewelry - the use of specialized "jewelry cosmetics". We now produce a wide range of various cleaning agents (liquids, foams…) designed to care for all types of metals and stones.
2. After swimming in the sea, jewelry should be washed with fresh water. Sea water contains salts and iodine, which adversely affect the metal surface.
3. Jewelry should be regularly wiped with suede, flannel or specialized jewelry. Wiping gives the product a glossy shine.
4. To give shine to the stone, jewelry should be washed monthly in warm soapy water.
5. Copper, which is present in gold and silver jewelry alloys, can leave a mark on the skin. This is the result of a natural oxidation process of the surface of precious metals containing copper, such a trace is completely harmless to human health and can be easily washed off with soap and water, except for rhodium-plated jewelry (platinum metal) or gold, which we use in our electroplating, five layer coating does not allow silver to oxidize.

It is safe to clean jewelry from all kinds of dirt, as well as give a good look to very dirty products, you can wash them in an ultrasonic machine, polish, cover with rhodium or gilding, all this you can do in jewelry workshops.

Dear buyers, remember that jewelry under the law of Ukraine is not subject to exchange or return. Take care of your jewelry, and they will surely delight you with their beauty, unchanging over time!